So you want to get access to our services and discord? Well in order to be able to do that you need to go through some simple to follow steps. So let's get your authorized shall we?

Getting authorized

As a potential recruit or corp member it is required to be authenticated on our seat instance. This is so we can make sure you have the right access to the discord channels, aswell as give you access to all of our tools. To start the authentication process head on over to our seat instance!(Opens in a new tab!)

{warning} All steps after this will be done in the seat interface.

Once logged in on seat start by adding any other characters you may control. You may find this option by clicking the cog wheels in the top right corner of the control panel and then click on the link character button.

Linking characters

{info} This step can be skipped for any CoE Member please continue at the Discord section.


Once all your characters are linked to seat you can head down to the squads section on the sidebar.


Once on the squads page you will find a recruiting squad. You may send in a application for that squad and notify your recruiting agent. They will then go through the application and if everything check out, you will be accepted into the squad and access to the recruitment channels on discord can be sorted next.


Once all the above steps have been done you will see a connector dropdown button, you want to expand that and click on the identities link


Clicking that link should give you a page with something looking like this:


Now all that remains to be done is hit the join server button and you shall be invited to the discord server with all the correct roles and rights attached.